Create resource planning scenarios and route improvements, while managing operations, taking advantage of advanced routing algorithms.

Without restructuring software operating costs will increase 35% due to inefficient routes and higher fuel consumption.

Without rerouting software, you are likely to face several problems and negative consequences in terms of cost and efficiency, such as:

A 10% decrease in transportation capacity

due to the need to use more vehicles and labor to cover the same deliveries.

A loss of 5% of customers

due to late deliveries or inefficient service.

A 20% increase in CO2 emissions

due to higher fuel consumption and inefficient routes.

A 5% increased risk of accidents on the road

due to poor route planning.

Reduces CO2 emissions by 60% due to lower fuel consumption and efficient routes.

Route restructuring with our software refers to the process of modifying or optimizing a number of existing routes, this may include removing redundant routes, adding new routes, modifying the sequence of stops, or optimizing distance. or travel time.

The goal of route restructuring is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing routes either to reduce costs, improve quality of service, or increase capacity transport.

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Omnitracs Roadnet
Transportation Suite

Traditional Routing Suite available OnPremise or SaaS

Ensure accurate and on-time deliveries and improve driver accountability and customer service through an integrated dispatch and travel management solution.

Travel management beyond routing. Evaluate current route plans in real time and notify drivers of changes to reduce your number of customer service inquiries.


Omnitracs Roadnet

Solution Highlights:

Monitor multiple routes and see the progress of each one on a single screen.

Driver location and activity monitoring.

Intuitive user interfaces for drivers and administrative teams.

WebServices: Automatic integration to ERP or other solutions.

Roadnet Anywhere is the number 1 solution worldwide

It is a modular optimization suite for Fleet Planning, Routing and Dispatch.

It includes powerful algorithms that allow you to process any volume of orders in a few minutes while considering all the restrictions of the operation.

Includes the option to optimize fixed or dynamic routes and scheduled or on-demand visits.




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