Load orders and generate optimal routes to reduce transportation cost and improve customer service with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Without routing software, one could estimate a 20% increase in operating costs due to unnecessary travel or sub-optimal routing.

In addition, you could face several other problems:

Undelivered orders

Without a plan that considers times and restrictions, an increase of 15% in rejections due to late arrival or cancellations could be estimated.

Little flexibility

Without routing software, one could estimate a 20% decrease in the ability to quickly adapt to changes in customer demand or market conditions.

Roadnet will allow you to drastically reduce routing times in a 200%, centralize the operation in a multi-user system and route any operation in the world from anywhere.

With Roadnet, our advanced routing software, you can maximize the efficiency of your routes and reduce your operating costs. Our tool allows you to plan optimized routes based on your fleet, your customers, your products and the road network. With Roadnet, you can be sure that your shipments will arrive on time and in excellent condition.

Optimize your routes and maximize your profitability with Roadnet!

We are distributors of Solera Omnitracs
World leader in Route Optimization

solera Omnitracs


Ideal for planning dynamic routes, fixed routes or semi-dynamic distribution and service routes.

Ensure accurate and on-time visits and improve driver performance and customer service through an integrated routing solution

Improve the productivity of your resources by increasing the capacity of visits or reducing the necessary fleet

Save kilometers and hours of work. Simulate various scenarios automatically

High capacity and speed of data processing

WebServices: Automatic integration with ERP or other solutions


Tracking and Dispatch

Solution Highlights:

Monitor multiple routes and see the progress of each one on a single screen

Driver location and activity monitoring

Intuitive user interfaces for drivers and administrative teams

Evaluate route plans in real time and notify drivers of changes to reduce your number of customer service inquiries

Integrated solution to planning and routing

Graphics and indicators module option

Roadnet is the number 1 solution worldwide

It is a modular optimization suite for Fleet Planning, Routing and Dispatch.

It includes powerful algorithms that allow you to process any volume of orders in a few minutes while considering all the restrictions of the operation.

Includes the option to optimize fixed or dynamic routes and scheduled or on-demand visits.








Other operations


Multiple sectors