Command and control center for real-time management of routes, drivers and vehicles

A study found that 21% of supply chain losses are due to a lack of visibility and real-time tracking.

Without logistics tracking and dispatch software, companies can face several problems and measurable consequences:

Delivery delays

Without real-time vehicle tracking, an increase of 15% in delivery delays due to unforeseen problems on the routes could be estimated.

Product loss

Without real-time tracking, a 10% increase in product loss could be estimated due to a lack of ability to detect and resolve issues along the routes.

Lack of visibility and traceability

One study found that 61% of customers leave a company due to poor customer service.

Lack of detailed reporting and analysis

Without a reporting and analysis tool, companies can lose up to 10% in profitability due to uninformed decisions.

Inefficient communication

Without the possibility of communicating with the drivers in case of changes in the routes, an increase of 5% in delivery delays could be estimated due to the lack of efficient communication.

25% reduction in operating costs thanks to the use of an automated tracking system in the last mile.

Our logistics tracking and dispatch software is an essential tool for any business that wants to maintain precise, real-time control over the movement of its products and shipments.

With features like real-time tracking, route planning, and resource allocation, our software will help you optimize your logistics to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition, our detailed reports and analytics will provide you with a complete view of your logistics operations, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve your business results.

Modern Tracking and Dispatch Application 100% SaaS.

We provide turnkey solutions that integrate HERE APIs with our Software Factory.

Customization options.

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The progress of compliance the planned route vs actual route (Percentage progress, number of stops and states)


Own events and reports. (Delivery cancellation, diversion road, speeding, inactivity, etc.)


From a single screen, the fleet of vehicles in real time. (schedules, performance, location, among others).

Integrated with Omnitracs Roadnet through the use of web service.

Possibility to import routes from an Excel file.

It allows importing a TXT, JSON file, with multiple formats mapping the data generated by any router.

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